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巴巴吉拜日式工作坊OM 唱誦 BABAJI SURYA NAMASKAR WORKSHOP & OM CHANTING with Bhakti Marga Sangha (Eng/粵語)

2 6 月 @ 2:00 下午 - 7:00 下午 UTC+8

巴巴吉拜日式工作坊&OM 唱誦

with Bhakti Marga Sangha
(English & Cantonese 粵語)

日期: 2024年6月2日(日)
Date: Sunday 2nd June 2024
時間Time: 14:00-17:00
13:50: Arrive 到達場地
14:00-15:00 OM 唱誦Chanting
15:15-16:45 巴巴吉拜日式工作坊 Babaji Surya Namaskar Workshop (1.5 hrs)

Location: Yau Ma Tei Studio, Hong Kong (Exact location is given after registration)

費用 Fees:
BSN Workshop Fee: HKD118.
OM 唱誦:歡迎隨喜以幫助分攤場租。
OM Chanting: Contributions are welcome to help with venue hire.

報名及聯絡Registration & Contact:
Bhakti Marga HK WhatsApp +852 93659052

What is Babaji Surya Namaskar?

這種古老而真實的動態冥想可以幫助您透過行動來奉獻給身體、頭腦和靈魂,它將對神的崇敬和覺知與古老的 14 種瑜珈姿勢結合起來。每天只需進行 6-8 輪的簡單練習即可提供與 45 分鐘哈達瑜伽相同的益處。這款簡單而強大的瑜珈每天只需練習 10 分鐘即可。
This ancient, authentic moving meditation helps you put your devotion into motion, for your body, mind and soul. It combines reverence and awareness of the Divine with an ancient set of 14 yoga postures. A simple daily practice of just 6-8 rounds can provide the same benefit as 45 minutes of Hatha Yoga. The simple, yet powerful yoga takes only 10 minutes each day to practice.

*For those who can not practice on a yoga mat, we can set up another workshop to teach you the ‘CHAIR BABAJI SURYA NAMSKAR.’ Please let us know and we can arrange a course.

益處 Benefits:

– 帶來力量、正面積極的能量流動、使頭腦更冷靜清晰
-Strength, Positive energy flow, Clarity of mind

-Balance the solar and lunar energies of your body

-Infuse devotion into a simple yoga practice

-Turn every asana into a prayer of gratitude to the Divine

Bowing down physically helps you cultivate humbleness and devotion by reminding you that everything comes from the Divine. When the practice is done with love and awareness, every posture becomes a prayer of gratitude for life itself.

摩訶阿瓦塔巴巴吉在數千年前教導了第一個拜日式。 2005 年,在世的開悟上師帕拉瑪罕薩·維希瓦南達(Paramahamsa Vishwananda) 的恩典下,這項練習被重新引入,它為您的身體、頭腦和靈魂帶來光明和活力。
Mahavatar Babaji taught the first Surya Namaskar thousands of years ago. Reintroduced in 2005 through the Grace of Paramahamsa Vishwananda, a living enlightened Master, this practice brings light and aliveness into your body, mind and soul.

Throughout the course, you will learn this namaskar, receive personalised guidance from a teacher and leave with a new practice that will help you greet the Lord each day.

需要帶些什麼 What to bring:

– 場地提供瑜珈墊,但歡迎您攜帶個人瑜珈墊,這有助於您在墊子上保存能量。
-Yoga mats are provided at the venue, but you are welcome to bring your personal yoga mat, which helps to maintain your energy on the mat.
– 如果需要的話,還可攜帶一個坐墊或一些讓你坐起來舒服的東西,場地亦提供一些薄坐墊。
-And a cushion or something comfortable for you to sit on if needed, some thin cushions are provided.
-Bottle to fill water (Drinking water tap is available)
-筆記本和筆。 (結束時您將獲得一本課程手冊帶回家)。
-Note pad and pen. (You will be given a manual at the end of the course to take home).

宜穿什麼?What to wear?

-Wear comfortable clothing that enables you to move and stretch.
We look forward to seeing you.


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2 6 月
2:00 下午 - 7:00 下午 UTC+8


Yau Ma Tei