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火祭儀式 YAJNA – Fire Ceremony with Swamini Ananda Krishna

24 5 月 @ 6:30 下午 - 9:00 下午 UTC+8

日期:2024 年 5 月 24 日(五)
Date: Friday 24th May 2024

6:15pm – 到達場地 Arrive
6:30pm – 火祭儀式開始 Yagna starts
8:00 pm 主人提供晚餐 Dinner provided by host

Location: Sheng Wan [address will be given after registration]

Fee: By Donation

Language: Conducted in English & Cantonese

隨喜:我們不為火祭儀式定價。 每個人都可隨喜捐贈適合自己的捐款金額。 這是為了感謝有機會參加火祭並接受火祭的祝福。 隨喜也有助於能量交換的平衡。
Donation: We do not put a price for yagna ceremonies. Each person is to make a donation amount that is right for them. This is for the gratitude of the opportunity to take part and receive the blessings from the yajna ceremony. Donation also helps with the balance of the energy exchange.

Capacity: Maximum 22 spaces.

報名:聯絡方式 – Bhakti Marga HK WhatsApp +852 93659052,請在訊息中寫上你是「第一次參加火祭,或以前曾參加過火祭」 謝謝。
Registration: Contact: Bhakti Marga HK WhatsApp +852 93659052, please write in message ‘new to Bhakti Marga and first time attending yagna, or have attended yagna or Bhakti Marga events before’. Thank you.

What is a yajna/yagna?

火祭是最美麗、最古老的神聖崇拜形式之一,源自吠陀經。 它直接翻譯為「為了崇高目的而無私犧牲」。
Yajna is one of the most beautiful and ancient forms of Divine worship and derives from the Vedas. It translates directly as ‘selfless sacrifice for noble purposes.

透過強大的梵語頌歌,普祭人員將普通的火轉化為上主本身之一個面向 —— 神聖的振動頻率。 火祭儀式相當複雜,至少需要一小時才能完成; 火祭越長,威力越強。
Through powerful Sanskrit mantras, the pujari transforms ordinary fire into the Divine Vibration- into an aspect of God Himself. These fire ceremonies are quite intricate and take at least one hour to perform; the longer the yagna the more powerful it is.

Yajnas are performed for numerous purposes, but are done with the intention to benefit the people present, circumstances being prayed for, surrounding area, and the world at large.

Yajnas are also performed at all important moments and circumstances in our life.

We look forward to sharing this blessed fire ceremony with you.

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24 5 月
6:30 下午 - 9:00 下午 UTC+8


Sheng Wan