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一天火祭桑家退修營 One-Day Yajna Retreat @南丫島 Lamma Island

24 3 月 @ 11:00 上午 - 7:30 下午 UTC+8

巴克提瑪伽香港現在推出全新一天火祭桑家退修營🔥✨會在南丫島一清淨處所舉行🧡活動內容豐富,還有邀請特別嘉賓Swamini Ananda Krishna Maa前來一同參與退修營,主持儀式、賜福和Satsang靈性問答等環節💕歡迎大家參與

火祭儀式是古老的吠陀儀式,對個人及土地均有有強大的淨化功能;冥想和OM Chanting是我們靈性道路上重要的成就法,增進平靜並帶來與神更強的臨在感;接受來自林伽的賜福,感恩神的給予;參與和尊者的靈性問答,為你啟迪靈性智慧✨有需要人士可查詢住宿,深度參與淨化與這趟內在的旅程。亦歡迎一同參與seva服務,為神服務的過程中增進內在的鏈接❤️

日期: 2024年3月24日(日)
時間: 11AM-7:30PM
地點: 南丫島(詳細地址會再報名成功後發送)
費用: HKD 168/位

WhatsApp 聯絡及報名:
Pratyaksha Dasi +852 6276 2944
Erika +852 65032138

🔸 參與火祭需隨喜作能量交換

🔹 每位港幣168元整,用於餐費和場地支持。如需住宿,敬請WhatsApp查詢,可兩人共享 一房港幣300/晚


Bhakti Marga Hong Kong is now launching a brand-new One-Day Yajna(Fire Ceremony)Retreat 🔥✨ It will be held at a serene location on Lamma Island 🧡 The program offers rich content and includes a special guest, Swamini Ananda Krishna Maa, who will participate in the retreat, conduct ceremonies, give blessings, and engage in Satsang (Spiritual Discourse)💕

The Fire Ceromony is an ancient Vedic ceremony that has powerful purification effects on both individuals and the land. Meditation and OM Chanting are important practices on our spiritual path, enhancing tranquility and deepening our connection with the Divine. Receiving blessings from the divine and expressing gratitude for what is given by the gods is an integral part of our journey. Engaging in spiritual discourse sessions with Swamini can inspire spiritual wisdom. Accommodation is available for those in need who wish to participate fully in the purification and inner journey. We also welcome participation in seva service, which strengthens the inner connection while serving the divine. ❤️

Everyone is welcome to join and give themselves an opportunity for healing, purification of mind, body, and spirit, and the removal of spiritual obstacles ✨

Date: March 24, 2024 (Sunday)
Time: 11 AM – 7:30 PM
Location: Lamma Island (Full address will be provided upon successful registration)
Fee: HKD 168/person

WhatsApp contact and registration:
Pratyaksha Dasi +852 6276 2944
Erika +852 65032138

🔸 Participation in the fire ceremony welcomes donations for energy exchange.

🔹 The fee of HKD 168/person covers meals and venue support. For accommodation inquiries, please contact us via WhatsApp. Shared rooms are available for HKD 300/night for two persons.

We look forward to your participation and presence ❤️


24 3 月
11:00 上午 - 7:30 下午 UTC+8